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Hey there! I’m Sabrina (or Brie, as my friends and family call me)! Welcome to my blog!  It’s great to have you here and I hope you enjoy your visit! 

A Little About Me

I feel like there is so much to say, I’m not sure where to even begin! I guess I could start by saying that my whole life has been surrounded by music and the arts – so that obviously is of huge importance to me. I also grew up in a household with a mom who believed in using nature before medication – if there was a natural remedy for something, my mom was sure to find it! As a result, I don’t remember ever being sick that often, so she clearly did something right!

When I was about 9, I began my life long struggle with acne. Nothing helped. To be fair, I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s so much of what was known about “helping” acne back then really wasn’t very helpful. It wasn’t until I reached my later 30’s that I truly learned how to treat my skin. It was about that time too that I started learning about and becoming more aware of what ingredients I was putting in and on my body and how those ingredients affected my skin and my health.

In 2013, I had to have major back surgery. It was during this time that I developed adrenal, thyroid and hormone issues. Since by this time, I was already living a much more clean lifestyle, these issues weren’t quite as bad as they could have been, though still bad enough. In 2017, I went vegetarian and had some success for a while, until severe gut issues forced me to change my diet again. I was diagnosed with gluten, dairy (casein), and soy intolerances and I also found out I was sensitive to eggs, as well as certain nuts, seeds, and legumes, which meant that a vegan/vegetarian diet was almost impossible for me to thrive on or heal my body. As of right now, I am following a whole foods diet that focuses on gut and adrenal health. Eliminating my trigger foods and incorporating higher protein and less carbs has greatly improved my issues.

This past year, I completed a course on the human microbiome (with an emphasis on gut health) as well as a music wellness course. I also began studying voice again with a professional local operatic soprano. To round out my wellness journey, my husband and I both see a naturopath that specializes in Eastern medicine and energy healing as well as nutrition and herbalism. I still have a way to go before I am back to full health, but I know I am on the right path.

While I believe in living a clean, eco-conscious and cruelty-free life, and eating organic, non-GMO foods, I also believe in not stressing out if my choices aren’t always perfect. Because honestly, I don’t want to feel guilty for having that third (or, ok 5th) slice of pizza or that second glass of wine or using a beauty product that has a few synthetic ingredients! It’s all about balance!

Blog life:

I created TBE to share the things that I have learned on my journey to a more healthy life, as well as my music endeavors (which are so important to me as well as my health). I wanted to create a space to share all of these things, as well as connect, encourage and uplift one another (no judging or “green shaming”!) – and also discover some great products along the way!

When I’m not blogging or working on songs for my lessons/performances, you can find me snuggling on my couch with my hubby, watching our favorite tv shows drinking wine, playing with my animal babies, reading a book or brushing up on my German, French, Spanish or Italian.

Peace & Love,

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