Favorite Affordable Eco-Conscious Brands

One of the many things that I have learned about green beauty is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on clean, natural/organic products! There are plenty of brands out there that are worth checking out that won’t break your bank!

Here are some of my favorite affordable brands that I have found on my journey. They may not all be “perfect”, but any little changes you make towards living a cleaner, greener life is a win in my opinion! 🙂

Just a note: This list will be updated as I find more products, so be sure to check back every now and then! Also, for me “budget-friendly” means products that are under $60 (trial/travel/gift sets can sometimes be $60-up, but are still budget-friendly in my opinion as you may get the whole range in one kit). Brands that are more in the mid-price range will be notated with an *


Cocokind – code SABRINA10

Beauty by Earth – code eco-soprano12

Earth Harbor Naturals


Andalou Naturals

*Annmarie Skincare

Athar’a Pure

Babo Botanicals

Bedrock Skin


Bonnie Skincare 


Dime Beauty

Herbal Dynamics

Honey Belle

Jack Henry

Jivi Skincare

*K Voss

Mad Hippie

*Mother Dirt

Niora Naturals


*Sahara Rose

Shea Terra Organics


Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – code ”brunetteecoholic” saves you 10%

Gabriel Cosmetics

Everyday Minerals

Organic Wear

The All Natural Face

Silk Naturals


Lucy Minerals (foundation & setting powder)

Burts Bees (lip products)

Faerie Organics

Make-up Brushes/Tools:

Eco Tools

Feminine Care:

Ashley’s Naturals



Home Care:

**Seventh Generation

Ecos (laundry detergent)

Holistic Remedies:

Dao Labs

Dulse & Rugosa

Siddha Flower Essences

Contains affiliate links