Hello, lovelies! This post has been a long time coming. I’ve flirted with making certain changes to TBE in the past, even started incorporating more of my actual lifestyle into the mix, but I always go back to what everyone expects – reviews of various green beauty products. That’s not a complaint, mind you, I love discovering and sharing new GB products and I always will. But, honestly, it’s to the point that it just doesn’t feel genuine anymore – it feels like I am putting up posts of product because I have to, just to get them up so I can move on to what I need to focus on next. And that’s not fair to you as my audience, or to the brands I work with.

I think part of the problem is that I have sooooo much on my plate right now that I feel like I am being pulled in several different directions and I can’t give 100% to any of the things I am doing. And so after agonizing over it for months, I finally made the decision to put music first and product sharing second.

What does this mean for TBE? Well, for starters, it won’t be called “The Brunette EcoDiva” any longer. I will officially be changing the logo (once I get my new design) to “Sabrina L. Zimmerman, Soprano (Music & Musings of The Brunette EcoDiva)”. I will focus primarily on music – my own endeavors (past, present and future) and studies, interviews, and recordings from other musicians, as well as the many health benefits of music, how it can be used as a wellness tool, and how it has personally helped me overcome various issues. I will still, of course, share my favorite GB and wellness products I use for recitals or teaching and anything else I feel excited about and feel would be worth sharing. I will also be working to build up my music Facebook and Instagram pages (which will become my primary pages) as well as my YouTube Channel. Part of being more authentic means actually sharing what I do as a musician and not just chatting about it – even if I’m not happy with how things turned out or there are mistakes galore (as you can hear in this post)! 🙂

I realize that making this change will cost me followers, but I need to be my most authentic self – I need to do what is best for me, while still creating content people can enjoy or relate to. And my authentic self is a musician who uses green beauty and holistic wellness products. I’m hoping for that every follower/reader I lose, I’ll gain several more that will care about and relate to what I have to offer.

I’ve started making small changes already, but once the craziness of the holidays dies down, I’ll be going full throttle and revamping everything. I hope you guys will enjoy! 🙂

Until next time,

Brie xo

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