Hey, loves! So much has been happening in the last few months and I wanted to take a quick moment to update you all on some big (and exciting) changes in my life! 

As you all know, I have a music degree and this past July I made the decision to finally get back into studying music and voice after having had a twelve year break from it. I had my first performance last month in my sister-in-law’s wedding and next month, I will be singing a Bel Canto art song by Bellini (“Vaga Luna”) in a recital with the music school I study at. I’ll have another one in June (where I will be singing a few pieces, one of which will be a duet from Don Giovanni – “La Ci Darem La Mano”, and a solo opera or art song undetermined as of yet. 

I’m also taking a few classes online – just to brush up on some things – music history, theory and opera. Plus, language studies to brush up on as well – right now, German and French, but I will be adding Italian and Spanish soon. I sing a lot in Italian and German, but there are some gorgeous French opera arias and art songs I want to learn too. And since I am part Spanish, it would make my family super excited to hear me perform some of the beautiful classical Spanish art songs that are out there too! 

In addition to all of this, this Spring, I will be dusting off my teaching hat to become an official vocal and beginning children’s piano teacher at the music school I am currently studying at! I cannot begin to tell you how excited and honored I am to have been asked to do this! It is truly a blessing and an answer to my prayers for sure! 

So, where does TBE fit into all of this? 

Well, I will still continue working on my blog, sharing posts on social media, etc. I’ll just have to scale back a bit. I may need to take extended time off here and there or it may take me longer to get posts written. I’ll have to see how things go. I certainly don’t want to put my health at risk to try and keep up with everything, but going forward, music will be my number one priority.

I do have quite a lot of amazing brands and products still to share with you, so once I get caught up, I will begin shifting my focus a bit more to music and only share the brands/products that I love the most and use regularly. I’ll understand if some of you choose to no longer follow me, though I hope that you will stick around. As I said, I’m not giving up on my blog or clean/green beauty and living, I just need to have a priority and since TBE has not exactly been as fruitful as I had hoped, I need to focus on what will help pay the bills – I’ve had more success with my music endeavors in 3 months than I have in 5 years with blogging.

The above video clip is from the first rehearsal I had for the song I sang at my sister-in-law’s wedding. It was a duet from one of my all-time favorite musicals – “All I Ask of You” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. I was extremely nervous at first, and my voice is still adjusting to a new technique so was a bit “meh”, but once I got going, I began to enjoy myself and remember just how much I truly missed this! Now, I know that my voice isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I understand that music like all art, is largely subjective, and that’s OK. I personally am my own worst critic and hear everything that is wrong with my voice, so I’m not offended if people don’t like my sound (though there’s no need to be cruel as I see happens online). I’m just so grateful that there have been so many people  (professional vocal teachers/performers/conductors and classical music lovers in general) that love and enjoy the sounds I produce. One day, hopefully, I’ll feel that way too! My current voice teacher is really working with me on self-acceptance and to stop comparing myself to other singers!

The actual wedding performance had some issues – weather, technical, sinus issues (I was getting over sinus and ear congestion so couldn’t hear perfectly so I may have gone off pitch a bit in one spot), distractions from people, but we pulled it off and everyone was happy. And that is what mattered the most to me. I can deal with crappy weather, people causing distractions, technical issues and even nerves. If the people I am singing for appreciate and enjoy what I am sharing with them, then that makes it all worth it IMO.

Raw, un-edited performance 10/27/18

The above soundtrack is the actual wedding day performance. I left it raw and un-edited with all of the technical issues, people talking in the background, mic feedback, etc..so you could get an idea of how live performances can go. Sometimes things go off without a single hitch and other times, everything that can go wrong, does! The key to succeeding is to just stay focused and never let what’s happening (or not happening) break you. 🙂

I am so happy to be back to doing the thing that has brought me such joy and it is such a thrill to be learning new techniques, seeing my voice change and grow, singing on a stage again, and making new connections in the classical music world. And of course, I cannot wait to begin teaching again! 

I hope that you will continue on this journey with me as I continue to learn and grow and experience with me all of the beauty that classical music and opera has to offer. And of course, still learn about the clean/green/eco brands I use and love! 😉

Peace, love and music,

Brie xo

*Photos and audio/video are property of TBE – do not use without permission

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