Hey, loves! So much has been happening in my life that it’s been difficult to keep track of it all! Not that I am complaining – it’s just been crazy and will be getting more so very soon!

Anyhoo..I wanted to take a moment to share some of those amazing things because honestly, I don’t know when I will have the time to do so later!

First of all, if you guys follow me on Instagram you know that the music studio I study/work at has a brand new, beautiful location! We have 3 suites in the old, historic former Post Office in Lockport, NY. and we are one of many small businesses located in the building. We are now fully moved in and pretty much completely decorated and it is glorious! It’s the perfect space, in the perfect location and we could not be happier! Just check out how gorgeous the place is! I love the architecture – it’s done in the Beaux Arts style, which is inspired by French Neoclassicism with elements of the Gothic and Renaissance styles mixed in (I was an art major before switching to music so I can’t help but notice things like that #nerdalert).

The street that we are located on has lots of adorable small businesses, including a coffee house with full menu right across the street! I know where I will be running to grab dinner often! 😉

And now for the inside…

The main room is extremely spacious and the acoustics are amazing, despite the carpeting ( as carpeting tends to “eat sound”). It’s a much more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere than our last location! We even have a lounge area for the parents (and early students) to relax while lessons are in progress – a much-needed accommodation missing from our last space!

A bigger space also means that we now have the option of performing at our studio rather than needing to rent a hall! In fact, for our upcoming Spring recital, the landlord is letting us use the huuuuuuuge gym-sized suite next door free of charge! 😀

Also, as of April 1st, I am officially a member of the faculty and I’m so excited to be a part of such an amazing team of teachers!! I currently only have 3 students definitely lined up, but since we are constantly receiving requests for lesson sign-ups, I know I will acquire more! I’ll also be subbing for when my voice teacher is sick! I haven’t taught music in quite a while, and I’m a bit nervous so I’ve been spending a lot of time reacquainting myself with piano scales, chords, and music theory (in addition to my own studies). I’ve met several of the students at last year’s Winter Recital and I’m really looking forward to working and performing with them again!

And more news…

In the past, the studio has put on two annual recitals – a Winter Recital and a Spring Recital. This year, however, my teacher wanted to do something a bit different since we now have so many students. Instead of just the two recitals, we will be putting on 6 – the usual Winter and Spring but now we will be adding 4 themed recitals to showcase specific genres/criteria.

I personally will be performing in 4 of the 6 and as a teacher will be co-hosting and helping out on all of them. I will also (at least for the upcoming Spring Recital) be designing the posters & programs as well as helping to promote the event. Whew!

I know that this will be an extreme amount of work, so I may take extended time off from blog post writing – though I do plan on sharing all of the ins and outs and shenanigans of the recitals and rehearsals and such – as well as what products I will be using during performances. Most of what I will post will be on Instagram and Instastories, so if you don’t follow me yet, you can do so at @the.brunette.ecodiva. I’ll try and get full blog posts up as time allows, but most of what I will be sharing will be on social media.

As for what music I will be singing – it will all be classical and mostly (coincidentally) Mozart! All of it is difficult technique-wise and requires months of daily study and practice, which is part of why I love classical music so much! Some of the pieces I am learning are also completely crazy pants – lots of coloratura runs and vocal acrobatics jumping from extremely low to extremely high from one note to the next ( take a look at/listen to “Come Scoglio” by Mozart – I’m telling you..crazy pants! But I love it!!!)!

I’m also going to have to work hard to keep my immune system strong and my energy up, but I will honestly do anything I need to so that I can continue doing all of this (I’ll share what supplements I am using in another post)! Getting back into music and having the opportunity to perform as well as teach is truly an answer to my prayers. I have felt so lost and been so depressed since I had to quit all those years ago, and now that I am back in it, I feel complete! I have the best teacher (who has become one of my best friends ever) who is nurturing my voice back into shape and into the voice it was always meant to be! I’m literally on cloud 9 all the time!

Right now we only take students in-studio, but hopefully, at some point, I will be able to teach via Skype or Facetime (especially when the weather is bad!). If you are local to the Lockport, NY and surrounding area and would be interested in taking voice or piano lessons, you can either email me at sabrina.l.zimmerman@gmail.com or check out the studio website for more info!

Until next time!

Brie xo

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