Hey, loves! For this post, I am switching things up a bit. Instead of sharing what skincare, beauty or wellness products I am loving for teaching, performing or every day, I’m going to share a few clothing items I am digging. As a music teacher, who works with people of all ages, I want to wear clothes that are not only “appropriate”, but comfortable as well as stylish.

Normally, I’d prefer to wear clothes that are more eco-conscious, but because those can be pricey, I don’t want them getting damaged (you wouldn’t think teaching music could be dangerous to your clothing, but trust me, it can be…especially when you have zero time in between lessons and need to shove your lunch or dinner in your face as fast as you can and you realize you dribbled salad dressing in your lap and there isn’t a napkin in sight…).

So, for work I like to dress in less expensive, yet still cute/professional styles.

Enter Femme Luxe, a UK based online clothing store that sells affordable, trendy clothes that have something for every occasion – date night, girls night, work, special events or just casual loungewear.

I was asked to review a few of their pieces and today, I am going to share what I selected and what I thought. Total honesty – I am a bit nervous to “model” any kind of clothing right now as I am dealing with inflammation from health & digestive issues so…these may not look as good on me as they would if I were less…um bloated (I feel like Violet Beauregard from Willie Wonka after she turned into a blueberry!). That being said, I love everything I chose and I can’t wait until I drop a few pounds because then they will fit even better. 😀

Khaki Over-Sized Sweater Dress – Ola

This was my first selection and my absolute favorite piece. I’m a fan of over-sized clothes (it’s a comfort thing mostly) and I love that I can wear this to work as well as out with my husband or even running errands. The material is soft and cozy and I like to pair this with black heel booties for work and date night with the hubs and canvas slides for running around. Add an oversized faux leather satchel handbag and I am ready to go! Once the weather turns colder, I will wear leggings or stockings with this.

Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set – Asia

My second choice was this cute two-piece lounge “suit” that again, I could wear for multiple occasions. At this moment, it’s a tad snug, so I will be able to wear it more comfortably once I reduce the inflammation. As of right now, I can wear the pieces separately just fine – the leggings will go perfectly with the Khaki dress and the top works with jeans or a skirt too. It’s a versatile outfit and I really love it!! Note: for work, I’d choose more sensible shoes – flats, boots, slides as well as add a cami underneath. For date night, I’d wear something more “adult”. 😉

Basic Black Leggings – Gracelynn

Who doesn’t love a good basic legging?! They’re so versatile, not to mention comfy! I chose these because I knew I could wear them with many different pieces in my closet. And again, I could pair them with the Khaki dress in the Fall/Winter or just wear with a t-shirt & hoodie around the house like in the above pics. These are a bit more snug fitting, especially around the ankles, but all in all, I like them and will get a lot of use out of them.

Black Chain Belted Satin Shirt Dress – Rio

This was my 4th selection and probably the least successful for me – mostly because my boobs are just too damn big right now and I couldn’t button it up. However, I do like the style and again, when I lose a few, I think I will like this much better. If I were to wear this to the studio or out with the hubs, I would pair it with a camisole and leggings or skinny jeans and heel booties.

I know this isn’t an eco-conscious option, but if you are looking for an affordable online clothing shop with trendy, yet comfy selections, I’d definitely say give Femme Luxe a browse. I know I want to purchase a few pieces I had my eye on. 😉

Until next time,


*Clothing was sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own. All photos were taken by and are the property of TBE – please do not use without permission.

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