With each passing year, it seems the clean beauty world is expanding and producing more and more beautiful products –  which is good for the health and environment conscious consumer, but it makes selecting the best of the best harder and harder! #notabadthing

That being said, 2018 was a particularly great year for discovering and testing new clean beauty and wellness products and because there were just so many that I truly loved, this year’s list of faves is a bit longer than usual (again, not necessarily a bad thing!). 😀 

*This list is a mix of gifted and purchased products – products that are gifted in no way influence my opinion of them. Some affiliate links are used. 


  1. Bella Aura Custom Care Collection (all 3 are favorites!). Code Ecoholic15 will save you $$ at checkout! 
  2. Paula’s Choice Defense Kit & Booster Serums 
  3. Sahajan Oil Cleanser
  4. Fitglow Beauty Calm Cleansing Milk
  5. ULIV Golden Glow Facial Souffle 
  6. Blissoma Photonic SPF25 Moisturizer
  7. Z-Skin Daytime Eye Cream with SPF
  8. Bio Clarity Acne System
  9. Enessa Turmeric Blemish Gel (new formula)
  10. Enessa PlantCell Eye Cream (new formula)
  11. Gaelle Organic Toner Supérieure
  12. Morrocco Method Crystal Diamond Mist Conditioner
  13. Pacifica Perfumed Hair & Body Mist in Himalayan Patchouli Berry
  14. Flower and Spice Midnight Beauty Serum
  15. Zatik Organics Nutri Face Serum
  16. BioSphère Naturel Délice Organic Body Lotion
  17. Seed Phytonutrients Shampoo & Conditioner
  18. Woo More Play


  1. Fitglow Beauty Lip Colour Serum in Go
  2. Fitglow Beauty Goodlash +
  3. Zuzu Luxe Lip Liner in Innocence
  4. Au Naturale Lip Stain in On Pointe
  5. W3ll People Bio Brightening Powder
  6. Bare Minerals Blemish Rescue Loose Mineral Foundation
  7. Gabriel Cosmetics Dual Powder Foundation in Extra Light Beige
  8. Lily Lolo Sculpt & Glow
  9. Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo in Dark
  10. Jane Iredale Spring 2018 Collection
  11. Habit Cosmetics Nail Color in Voodoo


  1. Superior Vocal Health Vocal Immunition & Stage Fright
  2. Organic Olivia Liver Juice 
  3. Purple Tree Supplements
  4. Teeccino Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee
  5. Turmeric Pills 
  6. Organic Spirulina

What are your favorites from 2018? Any on these lists make yours? 

Peace & love,


*Affiliate links are used. All photos were taken by and are property of TBE – do not use without permission

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