Hey, loves! This is a post that has been brewing in my mind for quite some time and I finally feel I need to just sit down and get it all out.

Have you ever had so many things that you want to do or goals you want to accomplish and you convince yourself that you can easily do it all, no big, but then somewhere along the way you realize that it’s all just too much, your focus is too scattered, you’re draining all of your energy, you’re killing your motivation and in the end you decide you need to choose ONE thing to make the priority?

Yeah, that’s kind of what I’ve been dealing with.

Here’s my issue…

I love blogging, I never want to stop. I love researching, testing and sharing new clean/green beauty and wellness products with you guys. I truly do. I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing what my fellow bloggers are up to, I love connecting with them, I love seeing comments from my readers and connecting with you. I love the relationships/partnerships I’ve made with brand owners. Some have become very dear friends and I love being a part of their “family”. I love taking pictures of products and editing them, I love writing and editing posts. I love all of that. However, those things require time to do them- research can take hours/days at a time, testing takes weeks/months, taking the perfect picture and writing the perfect post can take up an entire day. Even connecting/networking on social requires time and commitment.

Then there is music, which is time consuming in a much different way, but like blogging, I love every single moment!

With music, especially classical/operatic singing, there is a lot more physical and emotional demands as well as discipline than what goes on with blogging.

The technique, for one thing, requires consistent (preferably daily) practice and dedication as you are literally retraining your body and specific muscles to work a certain way. You also need to be more aware of how and where your breath is coming from, learn to control it, how to properly form vowels and position the tongue and mouth shape so you don’t close off your throat or cause tension in your neck, jaw, tongue or throat. It also helps to study the science and biology of singing – what each body part involved is and how they work. But learning the technique is just the tip of the iceberg. There is also ear training, language learning – diction and translation, music theory, piano (not a necessity, but helpful when learning pieces on your own). There’s also attending lessons, listening back to them later (I always record every lesson as we do not hear ourselves the way others do and a recording allows us to hear our sound a bit more accurately), taking notes, then practicing on my own. If I have an upcoming performance and need to come up with repertoire, then I spend hours at a time combing through sheet music and audio files to find a few that I like before taking them to my teacher for approval. The process for learning and putting together just one classical piece can literally take months even with daily/weekly practice (I plan to write a post on my process for learning pieces at a later date). And that’s not even factoring in rehearsals and pre-performance prep. I’m also less than two months away from starting to teach again – so I’ve also been brushing up on my piano as well as going through old notes from previous students I had as part of my prep. And because so many things can affect the voice (food/drink, weather, illness, lack of sleep, stress, that time of the month), I need to take even greater care of my health, which can almost seem like a full-time job in itself!

Sooooo….keeping all of that in mind, my dilemma is how do I keep up with both and not lose my marbles or burn myself out completely? How do I efficiently divvy up my time between the two and still give 100% to each? Can I do both? More importantly, is it healthy for me to try? This is what I have been struggling with.

To be honest, as much as I love both, I feel that because music is so much more demanding, that needs to be my primary focus. I still want to write about clean beauty and wellness and the things I always have, but my blog is technically a lifestyle blog and music/performing/teaching is part of my lifestyle, so I feel the need to embrace that more fully.

I still have quite a bit of product content I need to get to, but once I am caught up, I plan on actually and finally making good on my promise to shift my focus more to music. I will still share clean beauty, lifestyle and wellness products – that won’t change, but I will begin to share more of what it means to be a classical singer/performer/student/teacher, what my process is for learning and performing a piece, some technique tips, what products, foods, exercises I use/eat/do or avoid to keep my voice healthy. I’ll share sneak peeks from my lessons and performances – maybe even some behind the scenes shenanigans, interviews with my teacher and other fellow musicians, and all of the amazing (science-backed) benefits of music and singing! I also won’t stress myself out with timetables and deadlines – if it takes me longer to get content up or all I have time for is an Instagram post and story because I have to give 100% of my time and attention to studying/rehearsing/teaching/performing, then so be it. All of the brands I have worked with have been super understanding, so I don’t honestly see any issues popping up, it’s just getting myself to not freak out about taking longer than usual!

As I’m writing this post, I honestly feel like a weight is being lifted off of me – I’ve been stressing for so long, worrying about really, truly committing to making these changes, worried about what my readers will think – will they stick around or will they peace out? But I need to be true to me, do what makes me happiest and not worry about what anyone else thinks or does as I can only control what I do. And even if classical music isn’t your thing (which for many it isn’t), there is still much you can learn (and apply to any music genre if you’re into singing). There are still health and wellness tips, there are still natural products and nutrition that help keep your voice and immune system healthy. I’m not giving up clean and eco-living – that’s always going to be a part of who I am, but being a performer and now a teacher is also part of me too and I want to share all of me, not just parts.

How do you guys balance several things in your life without burning out?

Brie 🎶

Sheet music and book photos were taken by and are property of TBE, please do not use without permission.

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